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Jul 02, 2015
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What is free-social-buttons.com, floating-share-buttons.com referral?

free-social-buttons.com, floating-share-buttons.com, simple-share-buttons.com are all Ghost Referrer Spam, this means that they never access any of your pages.

Note: It won’t affect your search rankings in any way: things you must know about spam in Google Analytics.

These Referrals sometimes shows up with a prefix like site1, site2, or www4. They hit multiple times at once, and latest versions of it also hit with fake direct visits.

Social-buttons and simple-share-buttons usually have 100% of Bounce Rate and Avg. Session of 0 seconds, this significantly impacts your statistics and since each time it hits with multiple fake visits is worse than other Referrer Spam.

The latest version floating-share-buttons.com, free-social-buttons.com and free-share-buttons.com are a little different; the bounce rate and Avg. Session time are less extreme, probably so people will worry less about it.

Another big issue with floating-share-buttons.com and free-social-buttons.com is that it also hits with fake direct visits which are harder to detect. This is why some people have seen an unusual spike of direct traffic on their reports.

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Jul 02, 2015
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