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Mar 14, 2015
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Is it acceptable to decline a job offer after accepting?


I accepted an offer from a small sized company (~500 employees) and they have filed for my H1B visa. However, some facts have come to my knowledge recently because of which I think its not something which I want at this point of time. Is it okay to decline the offer?

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Mar 14, 2015
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Unless you have an excellent reason that the recruiter understands, you're burning bridges with that company (and probably other companies as well).

Hiring a candidate is a time consuming and expensive process, and your acceptance of the offer, is in many cases, the rejection of other applicants. It's unfair to all the people who were involved.

Since you've accepted the offer, I would recommend working for a reasonable period of time before deciding to change companies. For all you know, you might actually decide to continue working there.

Personally, I've seen HR blacklist candidates who have done this in the past. If the word gets out, your professional reputation will be impacted. It's not worth it.

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